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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Brewmen, Solaris Mont Kiara

I was on Foursquare looking for a quiet place to work and found Brewmen. A coffee lover like me is always open to more caffeine intake.  The cafe is cozy with good lighting. You can get all the basic coffee orders as well as savoury cakes.

 My sandwich. Nothing spectacular but the bread is dense and crunchy.

I took home a cake and found it overly sweet to my liking.

Unique wall designs with cup holders hanging on the wall.

Do take note that their wifi only works for the tables near the entrance. I was setting up my laptop there and the staff saw me but I wasn't informed even after me getting their wifi password. It was until after I asked why couldn't connect then only they told me so I had to shut down my laptop and move. Quite disappointing as it was my first time here. Service was not up to par as 2 of the staff did not even smile even after I greeted them with a smile. Nop, not even a thank you or smile after I finished my meal and decided to grab a cake home. Would I return? No. I have since passed there 6 times but still can't make myself to go in.

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