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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Won Korean Restaurant. Haagen Dazs

Good afternoon from the office! haha Finished my task at hand might as well blog to kill time.
Super old post but it was in my draft inbox plus edited the photos so might as well post it. hehe

Tom and I celebrated our Valentine's day in the most simple way. We had my favourite Korean food at Won Korean Restaurant in Isetan 1 Utama.

A random auntie having lunch

Here you can see her jimui (sisters)

Look to the right

He looks to the left

The. Best. Naeng Myeon (cold noodles)! Hands down.

His dolsot bibimbap. He only eats this so I figured he's not used to Korean food. Must think of other options next time!

Seafood Pancake!

Their famed side dishes

After having our lunch, we walked around the mall and he told me it's - Dessert time! 

Unfortunately, they were out of the Valentine's Day special menu. ;(

We settled with this. He consoled me by telling me that we are lucky we got the round ice-cream because the heart-shaped ones is lesser in portion. So unromantic but economical. hahaha

He's wearing my favourite Fred Perry tee! My handsome fat!

Only love the bananas because I don't like apples and raw strawberries!

Yummy and creamy ice-cream. =^~^=

It's gonna be our anniversary exactly 2 weeks from now. Hmm...hope he loves my suggestion although he's cincai with food. :)

Till next time,

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