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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Server's Attitude

So T and I went out for movies one fine night. After the movies, we were really hungry and chose one of the nearest restaurants available near the cinema. Oh, it was Berjaya Times Square by the way.

When we arrived, it was around 9.20PM and I wouldn't say it was so late that the staff would be going home at 11PM. As soon as we stepped into the restaurant, the staffs were giving that "Oh god, just get lost. I wanna go home!" look. Fine, we sat down. Upon ordering, I even told the staff that we will quickly have our dinner. I thought we were being really nice and considerate.

Around 15 minutes later, our drinks and my sandwich arrived but his baked rice wasn't. Everything was still good up to this point. We waited for around 40 minutes more and his rice was yet to be seen.

So we asked the server again for the rice. This time, they said that the rice is burnt and they can't serve us. We were like 'what the hell!'

So after we waited for so long only they told us it's burnt. We were fuming and demanded a good explanation from the manager. The manager kept on apologizing but still it doesn't treat our hunger. We left angrily and went to have our meal other place. 

 We actually went back the second day to lodge a complaint at the mall's management office. Surprise surprise! There were a stack of complaints lodged by other customers as well for their awful service. 

We will definitely not returning ever again after having to go through such ordeal. 

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