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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Steam Room, Viva Home

I was walking around Viva Mall with an empty stomach when I walked pass this restaurant called Steam Room (蒸心蒸意).
I quickly look up this place on Foursquare and their reviews were pretty good. I absolutely love Custard buns (流沙包)and Prawn dumplings (蝦餃) so I decided to give it a go.


I ordered the exact items I love. To my surprise, the prawn dumplings wasn't as good as people claim it to be. Skin was broken when it arrived on our table. The prawns are big though. T ordered Siew Mai and Loh Mai Kai. He too concluded that both weren't up to par. Their food was definitely frozen from its taste.

Finally we had their custard buns. It was okay in my opinion. Salty, creamy and piping hot when served.

Overall, their service is prompt and attentive. Go for their custard buns and teas.

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