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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Europe Highlights: Germany

 I did not do much research on Germany prior to going there. I just know they have the best pork knuckle and it is the birthplace of Black Forest Cake or Black Forest Gâteau to the Brits. So I was kind of just following around the group. I find the air in Germany excellent and environment is well taken care of.

We didn't go to many places just the most touristy ones. It doesn't matter as it's my first time there and I have plans to go back there so I'm sort of just surveying all the places that I went. Everywhere is just so beautiful I can't take my eyes off for even a second!

Heidelberg Castle standing tall and strong amongst the forest. It was a sunny day and thanks to that, photos are captured beautifully without too much effort for an amateur like me.

Pastel colours are my favourite! I was totally swooned by these rows of buildings! Too bad we were short of time if not I would've sat down and sipped some espresso. It'd be perfect in such weather and view!

Every famous buildings I visit were under maintenance huh including the Cologne Cathedral above. I find old buildings very very appealing. Something about their rustic appearance which exudes melancholy which I love. It's pure artistic architecture!

Beautifully carved. The details will make you stop and stare in awe. I can't imagine the time and effort the people poured in to get everything done. It's just magnificent.

Sunny day is good because it was starting to get really cold. The only time when I appreciate some sunlight.

It's finally meal time! It was a hint at the beginning on what food I'm going to blog about. Did you guessed it right at first? Okay, probably nobody guessed but yeah you get the point. First up, Pork Knuckle! What I love about German Pork Knuckle is definitely its crispy skin and the smelly 'pork' smell usually present in local pork? Null! The size was too big for a relatively small eater like me but I did manage to finish most of it because it was THAT good.

Germany is also famous with their Oktoberfest and surely there'll be alcohol fused in their food. The Black Forest Cake I had was infused with rum. A thin slice surely wasn't enough. It was mind blowing I tell you! Delicious inside out!

You can find both the Pork Knuckle and Black Forest Cake I had at Café & Brauhaus Zur Mühle. It's located upstairs Drubba Shopping.

After a hefty meal, a walk along Europe's signature cobblestone floor is a must. Definitely not high heel friendly but my boot was made for walking so no problemo.

Café & Brauhaus Zur Mühle

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