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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bangkok Beat Bistro. Snowflake.

Always looking forward towards weekend! What did I do on the last? Some shopping and eating with my dearest momma! We went out quite early because both of us hate the jam. By the time we reached there it was almost 11am and almost all shops were not ready for business yet. Why? 

We were starving since we left the home with just a cup of milo. We were so indecisive on what we should eat and actually walked out of 2 restaurants before settling down for this! Bangkok Beat Bistro.
Mom and I LOVE Thai food! Especially those from Bangkok as they are more flavourful compared to other regions. We rarely eat Thai food since we came back from Bangkok because most of the Thai food served here is nothing compared to BKK. 

The interior of the bistro

Food time! Honestly, we were skeptical of the quality and taste of the food since we we aren't in Bangkok. Obviously.

First up! Seafood in Tom Yum sup! I'm really loving the clear soup because it means they did not use those tom yum paste in a jar which consists of a zillion of preservatives and  MSG. How do I know? Having sensitive skin tells you everything #blessingindisguise.

Real tom yum soup should also be clear, as learned from mom, who was taught by a Thai on preparing Thai food.

Next up, Salted fish fried rice! It was extremely flavouful and fragrant. If only they diced the salted fish into tiny pieces because it was too thick I was afraid I might die from high blood pressure on the spot. Do try to mix the sambal because it was uh-mae-zing! The weird thing is the more you eat the tastier it gets. What drug is this? 

Finishing it off with a cup of coffee. 

Did you get to use their cute pink coaster?

part of the menu

Log on to for more yummy info and full menu.

After we did some shopping, we headed to Snowflake to have some dessert. 

 I've been dying to try the Ocharyo for quite some time. I wasn't impressed. :( Though I have to give them props for using real ocha powder. Exactly the same one I got from Japan.

 Mom had the touhua series with 3 toppings. She said it was delish!

Didn't take any selca so posting my gorgeous mom's photos instead. I cannot love Pavilion enough for everything (except their ridiculous parking charges)! Always looking forward to their festive deco!

Getting ready for work! Till next time. 

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