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Friday, February 1, 2013

Modestos Embassy View, Jalan Ampang (Now Closed)

So it is that time of the year again where we attend our company dinner. Thank goodness it was the night before a holiday if not I might not make it to work the day after. hahaha Joking! 

So this year is set at Modesto's Embassy View Ampang. I've never heard of this restaurant before therefore was looking forward to what they have to offer. 

The exterior of the restaurant. It is mainly divided into 3 sections. The section in red is their lounge area where you can have a drink with your friends and have some snacks. The blue fluorescent section is their bar area where you can order your specialized mojito from the bartender. The indoor dining area where we had our dinner is located exactly behind the bar counter. 

The interior upon stepping into the dining area.

Our table setting.

Their menu. Stared for so long trying to guess what was written on the cover but failed. Not sure if eyesight sucks or they suck at getting it printed. 

Complimentary Chips and Dip upon arrival. They should put more effort in the presentation. Bet they didn't expect it is going to stuck on the internet forever. hahaha

My Iced Cappuccino. Dare devil drinking coffee at 9pm.

We were waiting for other colleagues who were in a meeting but couldn't stand the hunger so ordered this.
Gambero Marinto Con Verdure Alla Griglia Allo Zafferano (Marinated Tiger Prawns with grilled vegetables served with Saffron sauce). RM21. The best dish for the night. It beats the main dish! I'd order it again if I ever revisit. :)

Main. Trancia Di Cod (Cod Fish served with Pesto Potatoes and Sun Dried Tomatoes). RM58. I actually didn't enjoy this dish very much because I felt cheated. Those are definitely not sun dried tomatoes! I eat sundried tomatoes weekly like it's a routine! No joke! The cod fish was smooth in texture and well marinated. I have to give them props for the potatoes. They were yummy! As for the broccoli, a little bit more seasoning will improve its taste.   

Parking: Embassy View (Free), Jockey (RM5)

 Although many colleagues couldn't make it but still have a few to chat and have a laugh. It makes the night alright. :) Thanks to my colleague who willingly fetch us home although it was late!

Caffeine is slowly wearing off after a jug of water. Good night! Spring cleaning tomorrow!

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