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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Coffee Stain by Joseph.

I was doing some last minute shopping over the weekend with Mr.L. I really appreciate how Mr.L could wait for me for hours shopping for clothes and stuffs. +1! He has very good eye for fashion and colour so he helped out quite a lot! So bonus boyfriend points again!

After a long walk, taking off and wearing my clothes a million times, I felt tired. I was thinking of getting a cup of coffee from my regular coffee place but while shopping, I saw a nicely furnished coffee kiosk has been set up at Parkamaya, Fahrenheit 88. I'm such a sucker for chic places!

The place is call Coffee Stain by Joseph! I've seen one in Publika but didn't get to try because I was in a rush.

The ordering counter. Menu board. Cute yellow lamps!

Cake display! Look at all those yummy cakes! Look at how organized and clean they are! *ocd*  I also love how they wrote the price using a white marker. So cute!

I was thinking of getting a latte machiato and the nice lady told me that they are having a lunar new year promotion which comes with a Raspberry Cake! RM16.90. I was actually very full from lunch but got it anyway because it looked so yummy! Indeed it was. Noooo, why didn't I have it again just now. :(

 My Latte Machiato! I'm a Starbucks regular but Coffee Stain could be my new place! Yes, their coffee is that good and underrated! Go have a cup of your favourite and you'll believe me. Oh, don't you just love the fuku/ good fortune coffee art on top? :)

Mr.L's Cappuccino! Cute and neat heart shaped coffee art made by Masa-san the barista! It tasted really good too.

Maybe some brown sugar for you? If you don't like your coffee unsweetened.

Mr.L happily enjoying his cappuccino. Look at that unprepared face! hahahahahahaha

Hello, it's me, obviously. I look so tired here but it was a happy day. :)

Coffee Stain by Joseph Facebook Page

Good night! Can't wait till it's lunar new year holiday! So many plans ahead! *cough* Food plans!

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