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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Secret Recipe

Finally I have time to blog! Yay! This year's Lunar New Year has been awesome! Good food, good company and not boring! haha My uncle was here for a week to celebrate with us and it is always fun to have people close to us to share the joy. Mom's been very tired from doing housework to entertaining guests so we decided to head out and have something simple.

We headed out to the nearest mall, Aeon Cheras Selatan. We settled for Secret Recipe because I was craving or spicy food and it's true that you cannot take away the Malaysian in me. hehe

Dad and Uncle's Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup

Mom's Chicken Parmigiana. I had to finish half on top of finishing my tom yum because mom couldn't finish it. Happy and warm tummy. ^_^

My Tom Yum Koong! Happy with the spiciness.

I was coughing so I had to order hot chocolate. Please disregard why I ordered spicy food. For some reason. I still love Old Town's hot chocolate!

Another selca before going out! ^~^

Going back to work tomorrow! Not looking forward to it. ahhhh Oh well, life has to go on.

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