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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Avenue K: Bankara Ramen, Smile Miso Korea

After the revamp, Avenue K has been attracting lots of crowd especially food enthusiasts. There are so many restaurants from the lowest to the highest level. A much better strategy from its past.

Working at its vicinity has given me the chance to try out different restaurants at my own pace. I'm not the kind of person who rush to dine in in  a place upon its opening.

I'm going to write a simple review of the two restaurants I visit the most.

Bankara Ramen (Opposite Taste Enclave)

Love their thick and fragrant pork broth. If you're health conscious, you won't enjoy this dish. Especially love the chunks of pork fat in the broth.

They're very generous with the chasu (pork slice), nori (seaweed)and even ramen noodles. It's now my favourite ramen joint!

My second most visited restaurants would be S.M.I.L.E Miso Korean Restaurant. I've had my meals here for at least ten times because It's THE place to go when I just don't knoww what to eat. 

My usual? Kimchi Stew or Pork Tofu Stew! Ain't got no time for BBQ although I love it!  

In terms of taste and quality, It's going down. It used to have quite some meat in it but It's mostly tofu now. I'll just think that tofu is going to make my skin better so I should have more. 😝

Till next time, eat up! 

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