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Friday, November 7, 2014

Espresso Lab, Avenue K

It's raining again and it means the traffic is going to be horrible. Fret not as there are yummy food and coffee to pass time. 

I was walking around with my friends thinking what should I have...and I suddenly recalled how long has it been since my last visit here so Espresso Lab it is! 

Pretty Flowers! 

First up, Seafood Chowder! The fishy smell was kind of strong at first but I gradually begin to accept its taste and found it quite flavorful. They're definitely not stingy with the amount of seafood. Weird combination with my latte but coffee goes well with anything for me. 

 I was still hungry after having the chowder so I decided to order some snacks. Potato Wedges! I'd be great if they serve it with mayonnaise but I didn't ask the barista if they have it.
 My friend's cappuccino. Sorry for the lighting but It's actually a very pretty swan.

Everything is just so pretty with flowers and glasses.

It's comfortable to hang out here with your computer. Baristas are friendly and upbeat.

Coffee isn't too strong so it suits the taste of the mass. Their coffee is consistently smooth and rich. Milk is frothed properly too. Recommended!

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