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Friday, November 14, 2014

Dolly Dim Sum, Avenue K

Rainy season is always THE season I eat the most. It was still raining after work and I was too tired to get stucked in the jam so I decided to walk around in Avenue K. I noticed that the space on the left of Avenue K entrance was finally revealed after being blocked for renovation for the past few months.

I was kind of surprised to see Fresca and Dolly Dim Sum being housed in the same space, just different section. Upon entering, it'll be Fresca, the Mexican dining space and the wait staff will kindly ask you if you're there for Mexican or Dim Sum. Then you will be lead to your chosen restaurant. Dolly Dim Sum is further inside with better lighting.

Upon sitting down, you'll be presented with an a la carte menu and a drink menu. The design of the menu must be that of the dim sum steamer baskets. Cute huh. 

The drinks menu includes teas, juices, coffees and even alcohol drinks. There must be something suitable for everyone.

The current ordering menu. Similar to most of the Chinese restaurants out there. There are quite a number of items available but we just tried a few as we were there for a quick bite.

We ordered vegetable spring rolls as our appetizer. I didn't get to try but according to her, it was pretty good. Served warm, crispy with the right amount of filling.

I'm a big big fan pf prawn dumplings (蝦餃) so it's a must to order. I really like its skin as it was firm enough but not hard at all. The amount of prawns were generous but if the size of each prawns are bigger, it'd be better! 

Finally, it's dessert time. I ordered egg tarts as the word mini is just too cute to ignore. It was just okay. I wasn't very impressed with its skin as I find it rather dry and the layers are too wide apart. The tarts must have been kept for quite some time as it's cracked. The filling was very good though!

My friend's red bean soup. It was indeed very smooth and comes with Sago toppings. My friend enjoyed it a lot but if the portion is slightly bigger, it'd be better given the price tag.

Overall, it was a pleasant visit with friendly owners (assuming the pregnant lady who refilled my water was the boss) and staff. I'd definitely return for some Mexican goodness next. Maybe trying some other items on the Dim Sum menu at the same time. Who says Mexican and Chinese can't be combined?  

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