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Thursday, November 13, 2014

That Latte Place, Ikon Connought

What makes a good day extra special? The answer is always a good and wholesome breakfast paired up with a cup of coffee! It was a rainy morning. Whenever it rains I'll feel mellow and always want to head out for some good food. Weird huh. I rather eat than sleep.

I always drive past this new mall called ikon Connought in my housing area but never wanted to go in because it's not a very attractive building in my eyes. I was casually walking around its lowest floor one day and saw THATLATTEPLACE! I thought they stopped operating after moving out from their former place in Ampang Hilir but it turns out that they're not. What a relief to their fans!

Their version of Eggs Benedict. It was pretty good favour wise but I like my Eggs Ben with more Hollaindaise sauce. The potato was very very good! Overall, it's a good dish with the right portion.

Close up

Coffee is a must! I wouldn't say it was a hit but something is missing in my cuppa. It feels imbalanced I'd say?

Never say no to coffee. The next time you drop by Cheras, give thatlatteplace a shot! Owners are friendly and the environment is comfortable.

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