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Saturday, November 8, 2014

RGB & The Bean Hive, Jalan Damai

Friday calls for a good cup of coffee paired up with great food. It was a rainy day and the best place to chill until the traffic gets better?  RGB & The Bean Hive!

The three of us were hungry and decided to order a cup of coffee for each of us and 2 burger patties. 

Just you look at its patty and the melted cheese! Can't wait to dig in already! The patty is really something. So juicy, well marinated and every ingredient just blends together perfectly. Oh did I mention that they only serve vegan food here? Even a meat lover like me enjoyed every bite! This is the second time I had this dish and I definitely 'taste' improvement with their salad dressing!  It's thicker and less sour from my last visit which is great!

There are 2 types of burgers and we decided to try both since there were 3 of us.  Both were equally good in both quality and taste! 


Definitely no complaints for their coffees. Love their coffee since their RAW days. Milk is frothed perfectly and everything is just good. I'm a coffee lover but not an expert so I 'feel' my coffee instead of breaking down its taste. 

Sorry for the lighting because the lights were turned off but no problemo. There's always my friend's phone flashlight.  

We had this orange cake (I don't remember its exact name because my friend ordered it) and it was pretty good! The taste and smell of citrus is very strong but not overpowering. 

We sat at the England corner

RGB stands for Roast Grind Brew

In case you can't find them: Tel: 03-2181-1329

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