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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Johnny Rockets, Avenue K

You're greeted with a team of cheerful crew at the entrance. Once you're inside, you are once again greeted by every staff on the floor. We were lucky because the moment we came in, it was the time for their dance routine. It was kind of awkward to keep staring at them while they dance away because it was only us who actually paid attention and clapped. Well, a picture or two or even a clap will make their day better. :)

It was a gathering with my colleagues and having eaten before I came, I decided not to order burger this time around. My friend and I decided to order snacks to share.

A LARGE cup of root beer float. Their vanilla ice cream is really creamy which made the root beer stands out even more. I'd go back just to have this by itself!

We ordered Chicken Tenders. Yup, it does live up to its name. Tender and juicy on the inside crispy on the outside. A fried chicken lover will savour every bite.

My vegetarian friend ordered Aglio Olio. She said it was good. Well, it must be because she literally finished it in less than 10 minutes.

My friend and I / the unhealthy food lover duo also ordered this serving of Bacon Fries. It was a tad salty to our liking but the cheese was good. 

Despite having artery clogging food, they are so satisfying. I left that place with feeling full and happy. So it isn't that bad if you exercise regularly and just want to let it go sometimes. 

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