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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Obanhmi, 1Utama & Black Canyon Coffee, Aeon Maluri

This year, sandwiches receive a lot of love from Malaysians. Particularly Viet sammich, Banh Mi. As you have noticed, many Vietnamese restaurants serving Banh Mi are sprouting around PJ area. I chanced upon Obanhmi while looking for food in 1 Utama. They were newly opened and I was sick so no oily or spicy food. The best bet? A healthy sandwich packed with veggies and some protein.  

My O'Teriyaki! In case you're a regular at their Uptown branch, it's the same as O'ga. I love love love the cilantro / coriander in the sandwich. It actually boosts the taste of everything else. I'm new to Viet sandwich so I'm up for more of other varieties. 

T's Pho (dry). He didn't like it and said it was bland. I tried a spoonful of it and concurred with his comment. The only ting that stood out was the smell of the cilantro. Well, if it's not obvious enough.

See that chilli sauce? It's Sriracha Chilli Sauce. Do have some with your sandwich because it's the best decision ever!

When in doubt, choose Thai food. I love all sorts of food but nothing trumps food from the land of smiles! I love Thai food since I was little also my first time having spicy food. I know how to cook authentic Thai food so I know which is good which isn't and Black Canyon Coffee certainly holds one of the top spots. 

I was having flu so no iced drinks but no spicy food? No way! There were 3 of us so we ordered Set C / Set 3 which is just nice for small eaters like us.

Fried egg with minced chicken. Very spicy but it was good! Most importantly is its yol was RUNNY! I covered my rice with it and it was yum.

Rather plain vegetables but I found it good as well. Not salty and not overcooked.

Highlight of the meal, Tom Yum! When I'm lazy to travel to get the best Tom Yum in KL in Mid Valley (guess which restaurant. It's easy), I'll pop by here. Spicy enough to tingle my taste buds yet still maintain its authenticity. No fake flavourings here.

Where do you usually get your tom yum cravings fixed?

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