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Monday, November 17, 2014

Rekindle, SS2

Coffee, my best friend. Lifts me up, keeps me going and makes me happy. I appreciate each and every cup of coffee roasted, ground and brewed by every barista. I cafe hop less lately due to work. Time is so scarce that I can't take time to sit down to have a cup of freshly brewed coffee but when I do, I do it slowly. :)

I don't live in PJ but I find time to explore the area for food at times. I was researching on Foursquare to see which cafe I should visit in PJ and found Rekindle. The comments are mostly positive and what made sealed the deal? Good service. I simply hate bad service no matter how cheap/expensive, good/bad a restaurant is. Malaysians typically have high tolerance towards receiving sub-standard service which I disagree. It shouldn't be part of our culture. Okay, back to the awesome Rekindle. 

The counter. So hipster. Of course in a good way. So I met "Jeremy Lin" there. No kidding, he really does resemble Jeremy. I kept on staring at him at first he must have thought I was a pervert. Couldn't help it. HAHAHAHA 

Iced Nutella

Just you look at that thick layer of Nutella! This is like a combination of drink and dessert. You'll just keep on scraping the Nutella endlessly until it's clean. The combination was pure magic. No kidding.

Cappuccino. My best kind of coffee should be smooth, rich and balanced. My cup of cap achieved all of my criteria so no complaints.

Large croissant with cream cheese. 

My friends and I also ordered a slice of Nutella cake. Can't get enough of Nutella! Expect thick, rich layers of Nutella which is perfectly baked to perfection. If you're not a fan of chocolate cake, you might like Nutella cake as it has hazelnut in it. Oh, did I mention it's not cloying at all? 

The beanie section was the best spot in the cafe! I started feeling really sleepy 1 hour into sitting on it. I regret for not asking where they got it because I really want one now. :( I guess I'll just visit them more then. 

Tip: Come early to avoid crowd as it could get pretty crazy in the afternoon. Still, it won't deter me from another visit. Service is great and serving speed is fast.  

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