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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kelvyna Cafe, PJ5 Soho

It was a rainy afternoon and T decided to have an impromptu visit to Kelvyna Cafe in PJ5 Soho. They officially opened on the 9th of November 2014 so it was just a few days after they're opening during our visit. I've been drinking less coffee as of late due to gastric and other stomach discomforts but have been recovering well so I decided to get myself caffeinated that day.  

Comfortable chairs with great lighting which lifts your mood

Caffeine awaits! The board you see at the entrance.

They serve cakes, cupcake and other desserts. Their display looks so mouthwatering that I wanted to try everything on and inside the chiller!

Oh, they are slowly starting to expand their menu and these are the yummy food you could get at the moment.

Coffees they serve are beautifully hand-written on the board. A chat with the co-owner Kevin, serving single origins are definitely in their plan. So look out coffee enthusiasts.       

Beautiful interior. Do you see the wings? There's a wooden stool which you could stand on to take a picture with the angel wings. Every corner is so beautiful.

I ordered Red Velvet cake. Loved every bite! I'm not a fan of cakes with thick cream frosting so this is definitely a hit for me. It was meant to be shared but I think I kept on eating to the point where there's so little left for T. #guilty

Orange Cupcake

Apart from taste, I'm a sucker for details. Isn't the string around the cupcake so appealing?

My cup of Flat White. This is now my second best cup of Flat White I've had. Everything is just right in this cup. Coffee girl is happy!


The Building. They're situated on the right.

  • Phone: 012-8890445

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