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Friday, November 21, 2014

LewisGene, Solaris Mont Kiara

I frequent Publika, Solaris Dutamas like a lot I'm not even kidding. I used to go there every 2-3 days but lately it's been once a week. Oddly, I've been to even several cafes in Sri Hartamas but never really set my foot in Solaris Mont Kiara / SohoKL. I was at a meeting on Sunday and decided to visit the LewisGene because I was curious with all the hype.

The food that we ordered. They have an extensive list of waffles they serve. You'll probably get spoiled of choices like us. The 2 things they specialize in? Waffles and coffee. Oh, the waffles you see in the picture are two different flavours. 

The entrance with a chandelier hanging above. The design of the cafe is slightly crowded but rest assured that their seats are comfortable enough for you to have long talks. Most of the staff are Filipinos and are friendly.

The menu board reminds me of my primary school times. Though it's quite a common sight in most of the cafes. The waffle menu is exactly on top of where I sat. You can't see it from here so you might have to sit on the left section upon entering or you could just stand and read like us. There are so many waffles, from fruit to coffee.

My Cappuccino comes in a cute cow cup and 2 almond biscottis. Everything spells fun here from its decoration, design to their cups. My cup of Cap was great! The temperature was just right plus the milk and coffee balanced each other well. It's so full that I almost spilled it when I took my first sip.

My friend ordered their Mocha. It comes in their signature design / coffee art. The cup of Mocha comes with 2 soft heart-shaped marshmallow.
We wanted to picture the marshmallow sitting elegantly on top of the coffee but alas it was a failure. I present to you the sinking marshmallow.
Mocha + Cappuccino.

Our snack time became meal time. We didn't expect the portion of their waffles to be so big. We ordered Chocolate Chip Waffle and Mocha Waffle. Do you see the difference? We definitely didn't. We didn't care and just ate it. I loved the texture of the waffle. They are dense, warm and crispy. They came with 2 sticks of wafer, 2 scoops of ice cream, a piece of chocolate chip cookie and drizzle of chocolate sauce.

There are many ad stands and chalk boards along the way up to their cafe.

Parking is a headache here so if you don't mind paying a few extra RM, head over to SohoKL for underground parking.

Direction: LewisGene
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