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Monday, February 16, 2015

Wong Poh Restaurant, Aman Suria

I am not the biggest fan of Chinese food but I'm always up for crabs! Our family decided to have our crab cravings fixed in Wong Poh, Aman Suria after some research online. Mind you, I have almost zero knowledge of where to get the best Chinese food. Judging from their comments and reviews from blogs and Foursquare,  this should be good. 

First up, seaweed tofu soup. It's not memorable and you can find similar taste in almost all Chinese restaurants.

Almost more than half of Foursquare comments mentioned their pork knuckle so we ordered it. The skin was crispy and the juice didn't seep out which are great. Skip the chilli sauce and devour by dipping it in the dark sauce.

There were only 4 of us and we don't want to order too much and cause wastage so we just settle with Butter Milk Crab which is their signature. Be reminded to request for the wet version. I overlooked a comment and didn't inform them in time. The sauce was barely enough for all of us to dip with the fried mantou. The crabs are huge and with lots of flesh though I find the meat slightly bland.

There it is, the must order item if you order their crabs. They are the highlight of our dinner. I was so stuffed but still manage to down 2 mantou and wiped clean the butter milk sauce in the claypot.

I would return to try other types of crabs. Their service was prompt, food was up to par and an overall good experience. The bill for the dishes above came up to RM130+ which we thought was a great value.

Do call for reservation as it could get really crowded after 7pm. We went at around 6pm so tables were aplenty.

Tel: 03-78033527

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